Looking for an Investor

Looking for an Investor



I’m Imran, a Muslim and lives in Galle, Sri Lanka . Im looking for an Investor to Fund a Starting Capital to Trade the Forex market ( Foreign Exchange ). Earning Potential is 20% ROI  per Month .It could be more or less depending on the volatility of the market. Market Operates Only Monday through Friday .
I have a Good experience in trading the Financial Market , especially  Forex . I also good in technical analysis and in using indicators to identify profitable trades . I do Scalping and My trading strategy is Smart Money Concept (SMC) , Order Blocks and Supply and Demand zones. I normally trade New York (NYSE) and London Sessions and focus mainly on EUR-USD Currency Pair . Trading happens all Online.
I am looking for someone who is willing to invest a Trading Capital of USD100000 on the condition of 50/50 Profit Share. I believe in transparency and trust . the investment can be deposited to my US based brokers account after signing a contract or we can open a Trading account with a trusted US based Broker or broker of your choice in Your Name So that your money will stay safe and I would do the trading . Interested parties please Call or Whatsapp
+94702928640 (Imran)

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