CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation


  • Service type: Alarm / Security


HIKVISION Authorized dealer partner in SriLanka.

We are professional company with 26 years of experience in the industry. We do all ranges of security product and all surveillance systems including CCTV / Door phones / Access Controls / Surge Protectors / Laser Beams and many more…..

You must ask below questions when you select a manufacturer and provider for your requirement to have self guarantee for your security System. ;

•Brand of the Camera

•World rank for the product. ( you can Google )

•Does that manufacturer is having reputed Company in Overseas.

•Do they have Research and Development Team?

•Can you write directly to Camera supplier apart from SriLankan Dealer?

•Do they provide all information on Lenses /Lux / IR with Guarantee?

•Is that Camera manufactured in china and putting bogus tag stickers in SriLanka?

•Is that product having a readable barcode and serial number?

•Can we read reviews over internet in different countries for the particular model?

•Do they have worldwide branches to contact in case of company closure in a particular country or region?

If all of the above are positive that is your selection.

DO NOT GET CAUGHT to equipments that are manufactured in China with various unknown names in Sri Lanka. Also with bogus quality stickers.

Consider HIK-VISION, you will be satisfied with the solution and picture quality.Choose an installation company who does the business at least few years.


Also consider below when you select a service company.

•Do they have practical and theory knowledge on the subject?

•Are they certified to install camera and do they work under su

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