LEAF charger

LEAF charger
LEAF charger
LEAF charger
LEAF charger


  • Condition: New
  • Part or Accessory Type: Electrical Components


LEAF 6A,8A,10A, and 13A changeable portable charger
Type 1 (J1772 -LEAF) portable 6A,8A,10A, and 13A changeable EV (electric vehicle) chargers are for sale.
Easy to carry.
A dedicated power supply line is not required.
You can connect to any plug point with adjusted Amperage.
UK square 3-pin factory-fited plug top can just plug into the 13A plug base.
Easy to use with an off-grid solar system also.
You can match generated solar power with adjusted amperage.
3m length cable Rs 40000/
5m length cable Rs 44000/
100-day pro-rata warranty.
Home delivery can be arranged.
400m to Kandy Road

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