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Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer
Sola changer


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1. Suitable for 24V/36V/48V/60V/72V battery system, users can set the output voltage and current according to actual needs.

2.Innovative MPPT technology, high tracking efficiency, can increase the energy generated.

3. High speed and high performance design, ideal for solar charging use.

4. Aluminum alloy case and portable size, durable.

S.Excellent heat dissipation, advanced fan temperature control technology to quickly control heat dissipation.

6. Simple operation interface, clear LCD color display current, current, power, charging time, etc.

7.Operating modes, MPPT and DC-DC optional, MPPT for photovoltaic panel applications and DC-DC for boost power supply.

8.Charging options, suitable for lithium batteries and batteries.

9.Built-in 20 sets of data for user settings and storage, support for multi-purpose.

10. The output power is 600W, which is most suitable for solar panels of 100W-600W; the greater the power, the more obvious the MPPT effect.

11. With reverse charging protection, avoid reverse charging the battery solar battery.

12. Overload protection, if overloaded, the controller will automatically cut off the circuit.

13.A wide range of applications: battery packs and lithium battery packs, home photovoltaic power systems, solar street lights and so on.


1. The MPPT voltage generator detects the highest voltage and current of the solar panel in real time Adjusts the electrical module by extending the operating state so that the system can charge the battery with maximum power output

2.An MPPT controller for a solar photovoltaic system, which coord the solar panels to charge the batteries, is the brain of the solar photovoltaic system.

3.The controller adopts an advanced software active algorithm to quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of the voltage of the photovoltaic panel module and actively track the maximum power point of the solar cell module to obtain more solar energy. Increase charge current and power generation.



Input Voltage: 12-60V

Output Current:0-10A

Output Voltage: 15-90V

Output Power:0-600W

Output Voltage Setting Resolution: 10mV

Output Current

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