Autocad 2D 3D Designer Course

  • May 5, 2022 6:54 pm
  • Colombo 6, Colombo
  • Property-Car-Electronic & other


Creating a Simple Drawing

Getting Started with AutoCAD

Starting AutoCAD

AutoCAD’s Screen Layout

Working with Commands

Opening an Existing Drawing File

Saving Your Work

AutoCAD’s Cartesian Workspace

Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

Drawing Lines

Erasing Objects

Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking

Drawing Rectangles

Drawing Circles

Viewing Your Drawing

Undoing and Redoing Actions

Making Your Drawings More Precise

Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

Using Object Snap

Object Snap Overrides

Polar Tracking Settings

Object Snap Tracking

Drawing with SNAP and GRID

Making Changes in Your Drawing

Selecting Objects for Editing

Moving Objects

Copying Objects

Rotating Objects

Scaling Objects

Mirroring Objects

Editing Objects with Grips

Drawing Organization and Information

Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

Creating New Drawings with Templates

What are Layers?

Layer State

Changing an Object’s Layer

Advanced Object Types

Drawing Arcs

Drawing Polylines

Editing Polylines

Drawing Polygons

Drawing Ellipses

Getting Information from Your Drawing

Measuring Objects

Working with Properties

Creating More Complex Objects

A. Advanced Editing Commands

Trimming and Extending

Stretching Objects

Creating Fillets and Chamfers

Offsetting Objects

Creating Arrays of Objects

B. Inserting Blocks

What are the Blocks?

Inserting Blocks from Tool Palettes

Inserting Blocks using Insert

Inserting Blocks with Design Center

Preparing to Print

A. Setting Up a Layout

Printing Concepts

Creating Viewports

Setting up Layouts

Guidelines for Layouts

B. Printing Your Drawing

Printing Layouts

Printing a Check Plot

Annotating Y

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