Plastic Wrap 20m

Plastic Wrap 20m


  • Type: Tissues & Disposables


Keeps Food Fresh :Our Plastic Wrap will lock-in freshness and keeps in moisture to prevent freezer burn

Tears Off Easy : The Food Wrap built-in slide cutter can be torn away from the dispenser with ease, provides a clean cut for consistent tearing that helps to minimise tangling and waste

BPA free & More Safety : Cling Wrap is BPA free, and with no plasticisers; this microwave-safe wrap is perfect for storing and reheating leftovers

Stretch Tight Plastic Wrap : ClingWrap will grip tight, seal easy and is the ideal plastic wrap for prepping, steaming and protecting food

Multipurpose use : Designed for the kitchen, the microwave-safe wrap can be used for storing and reheating leftovers, keeping ingredients fresh in the refrigerator or freezing bulk food/individual portions.

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